We personally visit all our carefully selected partners, this is a constantly evolving and growing portfolio. It allows us to visit the magnificent places where they cultivate their produce. It gives us a sense of the Terroir they work with, the location, the air, have a real human interaction and understand to a much deeper level what it is that drives them. What is the philosophy behind the products that they make. At TERRA it is our job to give you a taste of that. To give you a glimpse into their world and therefore perhaps understand the product to a greater extent. Whether you appreciate that insight or not, the products regardless of that insight needs to taste great, and that we certainly believe they all do. Should you wish to learn more about any of our partners do not hesitate to contact us and we will gladly tell you more.  

Wine Partners

Tenuta Foresto -4.jpg

Tenuta Foresto - Francesco & Pauline

Nizza Monferrato, Piemonte, Italy

Poderi Cellario 3.jpg
Eric Texier.jpg
Cantina del Bricchetto.jpg

Matunei - Carla & Alberto 

Cardona, Piemonte, Italy

Poderi Cellario - Cinzia & Fausto 

Carru, Piemonte, Italy

Eric Texier - Eric & Laurence

Charnay, France

Cantina del Bricchetto - Susan & Franco 

Neive, Piemonte, Italy


Crealto - Eleonora & Luigi

Cardona, Piemonte, Italy

Comestibles partners

Cadesio Logo.jpeg

Cadesio - Swiss Chocolate


Lausanne, Switzerland


Campamac - Osteria di Livello

Pastas, sauces, etc

Barbaresco, Piemonte, Italy 


Alpen Hirt - Echte Schweizer Bergprodukte

Cured meats 

Graubünden, Switzerland


Alfieri - Sapori dalle Langhe

Pastas, sauces, etc

Magliano Alfieri , Piemonte, Italy 


Hatecke - Erlebnis Alpines Fleischhandwerk

Cured meats 

Graubünden, Switzerland