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Matunei, is located in Cardona, in the province of Alessandria, Italy. Alberto and Carla produce wines, olive oils, sell firewood from their forests that they maintain and run a B&B. 

Arriving at Matunei for an overnight stay is like being welcomed by family. Carla & Alberto have a great sense for hospitality and the accommodation is impeccably designed in a completely renovated house. 


Matunei, which means ‘kids’ in the Piedmontese dialect, is the term the local elders use to describe young farmers like Alberto, who are content with their own craft.

The farm was born in 2015 from their desire to rediscover new forms of sustainable agriculture, reclaiming the moments of a forgotten life through an ancient tradition, where crafts and human relations intertwine in the everyday rhythms of the earth. 

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The philosophy

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The wines of Matunei are the result of meticulous work in their vineyard and cellar all year long and out of their passion for the profession. The wines are crafted with incredible precision and in our opinion are stunning expressions of the local terroir. No use of new wood to age the wines, just old wood and stainless steel. This ensures the true characteristics of the terroir, the grapes and them as producers is showcased to its fullest and purest potential. 

The vinification of the wines takes place thanks to indigenous yeasts naturally occurring on the grapes during the ripening process and with the minimal addition of sulphites. 

For each bottle they have chosen a name that could tell its story and they have asked a different artist to illustrate the label - each absolutely beautiful in our opinion. 

The territory

Their vineyards are located in Monferrato in the various territories of Alfiano Natta, Murisengo, Casorzo and Cortandone. Some vineyards are owned by the farm, while others have been recovered after abandonment by the owners, which are now retired.

The total vineyard area has about twenty-five hectares of land and includes four indigenous varieties: Grignolino, Freisa, Barbera and Nebbiolo.

The cultivation of the vine proceeds following the natural rhythms and the seasons; pruning in January / February when the vine is resting for winter, fastening in March, first green-pruning and manual suckering in May…

The vineyards are not weeded and treatments are performed using just copper and sulfur - certified organic. The vines are set in guyot, except those of Murisengo which are in spurred cordon. The oldest vineyards are around 30 years old and the harvest takes place in September, by hand in crates.  The grapes are left to rest overnight in the cellar before proceeding to the crusher-destemming.

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At TERRA we instantly fell in love with the way that Alberto & Carla work. The passion they have in every aspect of their business radiates through in all aspects.  From the care that has been put into crafting these incredibly precise and beautiful wines. To the attention that has been put into designing beautiful, individual labels for each of their wines. Every bottle is a story on its own and we at TERRA thank them for their dedication. We recommend trying their stories and experience it for yourself.   

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