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- a sense of terroir

TERRA - Terroir 

We are not going to overflow you with information on flavour profiles and what you should or should not find in the wine, no. The most important aspect is that you love the wine you drink, then its up to you to distinguish what you smell or taste in the wine. 


What we will try to do is give you a roadmap. A roadmap which you can use to navigate through the different styles of winemaking and understand why certain wines taste the way they do. In order to understand a roadmap you simply need to refer to the three terms given.

Perception of taste is much like the perception of music, or art. To make an analogy, it can happen that you hear a song on the radio which you might very much dislike the very first time you hear it. However, as you listen to the radio, the song will pass now and then. It begins to grow on you and before you know it its a song you actually very much enjoy listening to. This situation, as a matter of fact happens to us many times in life. Our tastes evolve, our tastes in food, in clothes, in art and in wine equally so. However, when the radio situation happens with a wine it is understandable you do not continue drinking something you don’t enjoy at all. And whatever anyone can tell you how great something is, to you its not and that is what matters. However, it doesn’t mean it is bad, but perhaps your pallet is not yet accustomed to these flavour profiles. Additionally, there are so many factors that influence the way wine tastes. From the weather, to your mood and especially to what you are eating, so keep that into consideration. And most importantly, have fun exploring. 


All the products we source from our trusted partners are made with an incredible amount of dedication, love, care and year round work. The producers aim is to create the best version of their product, year on year. When it happens that you do not like that product, we will do our best to select a more appropriate wine or product for your taste profile on your next order but take the mental note that maybe some day you could love that item. 


Long story short. There are no bad wines or products here, but there can be products that are not your style, because some of them do indeed pack a punch. The legend below should point you in the right direction in terms of wine. 


General guidelines: 

Opening - Open your wine if possible a little in advance, each wine will have an indication how long to open in advance but every wine, especially young wines, benefit from being open at least 30 minutes in advance. Best would be to decant. Decanting basically increases the oxygen contact with the wine and opens up the aromas and smoothens out the tannins in the wine. Just pulling the cork doesn’t work, you need to at least poor a glass out or poor it into a karaffe. 


Red - Red wines should be drunk around 18C. When they are too warm the alcohol just overpowers all the other aromas and when its too cold the wine will be completely closed. A good indicator is that the bottle should be fresh to the touch. When the bottle feels like the same temperature as your hand, pop it briefly in the fridge. 

White - white wines should be drunk around 12 degrees. When whites are too cold you don’t taste much and when they are too hot again the alcohol will prevail. Little pro tip, if your white wine tastes good at room temp you have an amazing wine. Most whites are tasted room temp because it will show easier any defaults. 

Thats about it in terms of the basic insights, allow us now explain the roadmap.

TERRA - A Roadmap to Taste 

We tried to developed an easy to understand taste profile concept around three flavor styles. Although all wines are made with the similar philosophy and care to nature, and can all be considered 'natural', the expression of the taste profiles are different.  Without a doubt we strongly believe all wines we have selected are absolutely delicious and they are in fact of the highest quality. But by this indication we try to make it clear to you what flavor experience you can expect to find within the bottles. Have fun!


Natural // Wines that require aeration when being opened. They need at least 30-60 minutes to open to experience the full flavor profile and subsequently the fruits will come through. At first the nose of the wine might seem reducted, this will part with some time. 

Hybrid // Easy approachable wines balancing between natural and classical flavour profiles. 

Classical // Classical wine styles with no aspects that might take you off guard besides being delicious.