Cantina del Bricchetto

The winery, Cantina del Bricchetto, Franco Rocca, is situated in the hills of Neive right in the heart of the Langhe. Cantina del del Bricchetto is run by Franco Rocca and his wife Susan. It is a small family business that cultivates 4.5 hectares of vineyard, which produces approximately 25,000 bottles a year.

We met Franco in the winery in Neive where we were shown the vineyards and cellar. It was immediately evident from the impeccable state of the cellar to the attention to every detail when handling the wine that Franco puts his heart and soul into these wines. And that shows, the incredible balance yet attractive tension in these wines is absolutely phenomenal. A purist approach to the classics of the Barbaresco region.


The territory

The vineyards have a great exposure towards the sun and Franco and Susan work hard to achieve a very low yield of quality grapes, about 70ql per hectare. This means that the quality of the grapes produced by the plants is extremely high.

All operations of the vineyard and cellar are carefully carried out by Franco and his wife, Susan. Harvests are always completed manually with a careful selection of grapes for the best quality in the finished wine. 

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The philosophy

All the vineyard work is don't by hand, from pruning to de-leafing to the harvest. No chemicals or pesticides are used in the vineyards what so ever which in term aligns with the TERRA philosophy. 


Cantina del Bricchetto's wines dont need many words, when you taste them you will understand why. Classical, warm, beautifully crafted wines with a respect for nature - this is what it is all about. 

Cantina del Bricchetto - Brico Sterpone
Barbera Bricco Sterpone
Cantina del Bricchetto - Seni Suri.jpg
Serni Suri
Cantina del Bricchetto - Barbaresco Albe
Barbaresco Albesani
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