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Swiss Chocolate

Cadesio is a company based in Lausanne, Switzerland producing chocolate with a strong product philosophy and desire to have a social impact. That is why at TERRA we strongly align with the core values of Cadesio Chocolate and are proud to have them in the selection of products. 

Cadesio is a company based in Lausanne founded by Paola Bellia, Angela Romagnoli and Oranne Corelli. These women have  a dream: changing the world of today and moving towards a future that is more respectful of the elements that surround us. Being convinced that companies have a major responsibility in our society, they want to prove that these can merge business and responsible actions. This idea is what brought us to create their 9 chocolates: Hanami, Muditā, Nadi, Córe, Iride, Mesa, Gea, Santiago, Ventu. Each of them has a unique story, an innovative blend and a powerful message associated to several practices engaged in daily activities, like their packaging made of vegetables and recycled fibers.



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The Philosophy

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To inspire means to make others feeling capable of anything. Their 9 chocolates, each with a unique taste and a powerful message to convey, have been carefully thought out so that each of you can explore its own potential.


By supporting each other, we can transform our individual actions into collective achievements. This is why they have decided to associate each of their 9 chocolates with a non-profit organization that strives to create a better society on a daily basis.


We tend to think that our daily actions do not make a difference. However, if we look back into history, we can retrace all greatest revolutions to someone’s dream. During the creation of their 9 chocolates, they have learned that sometimes in order to change the world, you simply need to set a good example.


Certainly, at Cadesio they do not think that changing the world is easy. On the contrary, they know how it feels to be demoralized because of the many challenges we are facing. However, they also believe that if we all move in the same direction one small step at a time, we can really create a better future for us and for the next generations.

Why one step at a time? Because changing everything at once is not possible, and perhaps it is precisely in trying to do so, that we got stuck.
So, let's choose what we would like to change first, and let's do it.
For each of the 9 chocolate bars they have chosen a theme that has led them to reflect firsthand. To each theme they have then associated various initiatives on three different axes: to inspire, to support and to act.

A truly impactful product which tastes incredible. Try them all for yourself and start the change. 

Find out more about Cadesio here:

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